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Ruth Ann is founding CEO of, (2007 to present) an advertising-free search engine for advancing those speaking on behalf of the planet, our people, and prosperity using video content aggregation and curation. Now nearly 2,000 Voices of Sustainability and growing, the EarthSayers Network is currently seeking funding for a sister site,, the Indigenous Voices of Sustainability. is the only go-to place on the Web for hearing directly from our experts, teachers, business leaders, and citizens from all walks of life on social, environmental, cultural, and economic issues. 

Co-founder of Sustainability Action Media (SAM) she has produced videos and video streaming projects for sustainability-related events ranging from the Earth and Spirit Council's EarthDay to Wisdom from the Origins to interviews at business conferences such as Rick Ridgeway VP of Patagonia at TIES, The International Ecotourism Society annual conference. 

Since 2008 her Sustainability Advocate Blog, published through 3BL Media, has addressed key issues ranging from the first post calling out the Seventh Generation Project and “the five inhibitors to change in the interwoven layer of human, earth and economic sustainability” to Mark Trexler’s The Climate Web, providing access to curated content (documents, websites, videos) on the wide and deep subject of Climate Change. 

Using video interviews and blogposts, the sustainability voices she advances address a wide range of interests and experience  such as climate risk expert  Dr. Mark Trexler; author and Chair of Philosophy and Law at King's College Professor Leif Wenar; scientist (botanist) and Indigenous leader (Potawatomi Nation) Dr. Robin Kimmerer; elder Ilarion Merculieff (Aleut); Capital Institute's founder, John Fullerton;  author and consultant, Shariff Abdulla;  Annie Leonard, Creator of Story of Stuff Project; and including performers and artists such as these three Spoken Word Artists on climate change.

May, 2016

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Interview with Dr. Mark Trexler

Entrepreneur, sustainability advocate, citizen activist, marketing consultant

Annie Leonard, Greenpeace, USA